Conference “innovative developments of the harp”


Many harpists still run against the limits of the harp’s possibilities. It is a wonderful instrument, but can we improve it even further? We have collected a number of ideas that we would like to discuss with you. How about automatic pre-programmed pedals. Or a damper system that can be operated with the feet. And an autotuner for the harp, that must be ideal! And what do you think of a pedal harp of only 17 kilos? We invite various harp builders and harp representatives for this discussion, as well as composers, harpists and companies that are already working in this area. Special guests for this conference are Remy van Kesteren with his new Reus and Anja Linder with her pedal harp with Anjamatique system. They let you hear music on their special harps and they are happy to tell you their story.┬áBut we are also very happy to welcome Marco Hilgeman with his newly developed mute system for harp, Sonja Tavormina with her electric harp and many effect pedals, Jos van Grinsven who, together with students from Eindhoven University of Technology, has studied how the mechanism of a pedal harp can be improved and David Woodworth from Heartland Harps with his new carbon fiber pedal harp weighing just 17 kilos.

New ideas for the conference are also welcome, please register in advance. We will assess whether your idea can be included in the conference.

Tickets are available for 20 euros. This conference is in English.