Workshop 4: Mont-Saint-Michel for small harps


A workshop with new music specialy written by Inge Frimout for small harps. In this workshop Inge presents her new book.

When she heard that there was a great need for beautiful music for small harps up to 27 strings, Inge immediately went to work enthusiastically.

Inge: “Wherever I go, my harp goes along. I get inspiration in nature or in beautiful places with a history. And that often produces new music!
My husband Emmanuel makes the photos and that’s how we often travel as a team. This spring we were in France, on the coast of Normandy and Brittany. Mont-Saint-Michel is a centuries-old abbey built on a rock.
You can see the silhouette in the bay from afar. At high water the abbey stands in the water up to the defensive wall.
An impressive place where the music almost automatically comes to you! ‘

The workshop is suitable for harpists with an average level. We will take a break halfway through the workshop. The workshop is given in Dutch, but can be translated into English on request.
Participation workshop 45 euros. Bring your own harp.