Marco Hilgeman

“Windseeds is a musical initiative by Marco Hilgeman in which the electroacoustic harp is central. By mixing influences from jazz with ethnic music styles, the genre can be described as ‘jazzy world music’. The instrumental compositions are by harpist Marco Hilgeman, originally guitarist and since the beginning of the 90’s also active on harp.

Inspired by the style and sound of the Swiss harpist Andreas Vollenweider (since the 1980s worldwide praised for his innovative harp sound), Hilgeman strives to give this style a well-deserved new impulse.

We have invited Marco because he is developing a damper pedal for the harp with two friends. We like to hear his experiences and how this damper sounds in his music.

How Windseeds sounds like a band, you can listen to where the album ‘Windseeds’ can be listened to and downloaded.