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We got to meet a lot of people and enjoy their participation and playing during the third Harp Friends Meeting. This year the Meeting was held over two days, but we still managed to have 10 workshops and 2 concerts. The teachers were: Tristan le Govic, the Duplets (Fraya Thomsen & Gillian Fleetwood), Marjan Verdonk and Anouk Platenkamp. Together they made a varied program from Breton, Scandinavian and Scottish folk music to harp therapy and Pitramide harps.
New for this Harp Friends Meeting was the mix with the pedal harp. The nice people of Salvi came over to the Netherlands to have a harp exhibition and explain the newest developments to their models and how their harps are made. A real treat!
The first concert started with duo Plaisir d’amour (violinist Jos Koning and harpist Anouk Platenkamp), they were followed by the Duplets. On Friday, Dutch harpist Inge Frimout started and last but not least Tristan le Govic played for us. After which he was joined by Inge and the Duplets; together they played a Dutch/Breton/Scottish version of ‘Allen die willen te Kaap’ren varen’, a well-known Dutch tune.
If you are interested in the program of the Harp Friends Meeting 2015, you can download it here.



The second int. Harp Friends Meeting was just as much fun as the first one. This year we had a lot of different teachers: Rachel Hair, Elisabeth Pawelke, Constance Allanic, Vacláva van der Meijs and Anouk Platenkamp. This made for a very varied program with workshops from Roma dance to Manx music.
Constance Allanic blew everyone away with an amazing concert that will be talked about for a long time. On Friday duo Ísiltír (Nanja Bakker and Anouk Platenkamp) played as a warm-up act to Rachel Hair, who gave a swinging performance with Scottish, Manx and self composed tunes.
On Saturday it was Elisabeth Pawelkes turn to perform, which was also the presentation of the course on Medieval music (which took all three days), the participants performed some nice pieces in changing ensembles. After that Elisabeth took over and managed to charm everyone with her lovely voice. There are two videos of her concert available on YouTube; one with Rachel Hair and the other with Anouk Platenkamp.
As organisers we can look back with only pleasant feelings on this Harp Friends Meeting, where we enjoyed the atmosphere most of all.
You can download the program for 2014 here.



During this first International Harp Friends Meeting both Nadia Birkenstock and Tristan le Govic were our teachers/performers. They each gave a splendid concert: Tristan player solo (see the video on YouTube) and Nadia teamed up with drummer Steve Hubback for a groovy concert.
The opening concert consisted of participants sharing their music with each other, started by Jeanette and Anouk playing a harp duet and there was a presentation of the Jazz Harp Academy.
The final concert was by Faerydae, who were joined by both Tristan and Nadia.
The sessions were also a huge success, where participants of the meeting and local musicians joined to play till the early hours.
Participants came from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and their reactions were very enthusiastic, which made us want to organise another meeting in 2014.
You can download the program for 2013 here.