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This year we, Anouk Platenkamp and Jeanette van Nieulande, will be organising the 5th edition of the International Harp Friends Meeting in Leerdam on May 19th, 20th and 21st. There will be interesting workshops, rousing concerts and lovely meetings. We hope to welcome many enthousiastic folk and pedal harp players.
The program consists of workshops and masterclasses by Clotilde Trouillaud (FR), Sasha Boldachev (RU), Cheyenne Brown (USA/UK), Janne-Minke Nijp (NL), Anouk Platenkamp (NL) and Inge Frimout (NL). Clotilde, Sasha, Cheyenne, Anouk and ‘Duo Jørgensen - de Leuw’ will also be performing at one of the three concerts we are hosting.
Salvi and Lyon & Healy will offer another beautiful harp exposition of both pedal and lever harps, but not only that: as a gift for our 5 year anniversary they offer all participants of this and previous editions of the Harp Friends Meeting a free concert on Sunday May 21st by Russian harp miracle Sasha Boldachev! Afterwards we will toast our anniversary together!

Enough reasons to look at the program and registration form!


It is starting to become a yearly tradition: the Harp Friends Meeting in Leerdam! On May 5th and 6th you will be able to go to Leerdam for the best workshops and the greatest concerts. Just like in previous years we will have two guests teaching a total of 8 workshops for the lever harp. This year those guests are Scottish harpists Mary Macmaster and Corrina Hewat. Last year’s Salvi exposition was a big success, so it will be making a return. Salvi will be bringing many different harps for you to try out; maybe you’ll find your dream harp there. With so many pedal harps around, it makes sense for us to feature the pedal harp in the program too, so for anyone who doesn’t play the pedal harp yet there is a try-out workshop ‘pedal harp for the pedalless’. On Thurday blues & jazz harpist Brenda Dor-Groot will start off the concert on lever and pedal harp, after which Mary and Corrina will play the second half of the evening. On Friday to start things off, we will have a brief concert by Ana Ester Santos, one of the prize winners of the Rosa Spier Harp Competition and after that, Monika Stadler will be taking the stage. Monika will also be teaching workshops, both for the pedal and lever harp and she will be teaching a masterclass for anyone in need of some creative input or wanting to learn more about one of Monika’s pieces. Of course our well-loved sessions are still part of the program and there will be enough time to meet each other and have a chat. The one thing that does change is the building. To accommodate our ever-growing festival we will be moving to partycentrum het Dak (for those who have been before, it is located on the parking Voorwaartsveld) where we will have all the space we need for our harp activities. You can download the full program here. To sign-up use the registration form.


It has been a month since we’ve held the 3rd Harp Friends Meeting. We are very pleased to be able to look back at a successful event! The participants, teachers and performers all made for a fantastic atmosphere and we have enjoyed meeting all our old and new harp friends. Our special thanks go out to: Tristan le Govic, the Duplets, Jos Koning, Inge Frimout, Marian Verdonk, Pedro Costa and the people of Salvi. If you are feeling in the mood for some recollecting, you can find a short account of the meeting here, and the photos of this year’s meeting can be found here. We hope to meet you all again next year on May 5th and 6th in Leerdam!


Extra workshop and private lessons!

We are getting an overwhelming interest in the workshops of the coming Harp Friends Meeting. Unfortunately this means that some of the workshops are fully booked. We will post the latest developments on facebook: Workshop 10 “Singing with self-accompaniment” in particular has received a lot of interest, reason for us to offer the same workshop again on Saturday morning May 16th from 9:30 to 12:30. If you didn’t want to miss this workshop, now is your chance! You can register by sending an email through our contact form. On Saturday 16th we also offer the chance to take private lessons with both the Duplets and Tristan le Govic. Costs are 56 euro for an hour and registration can be done through the contact form.


This year there will be a big Salvi pedal harp show during the Harp Friends Meeting. Salvi will take a truck full of beautiful harps to Stadspodium GO in Leerdam, where the concerts and some of our workshops will also be held. Address: Dr. C. Voogdplein 90. They will show a Salvi movie twice a day and on both days at 13:30; a representative of the company will give a lecture on the newest developments regarding the Salvi pedal harps which have been been made after years of research. The models Diana and Apollo have changed significantly over the last few years, making use of new technical developments. These alterations have changed the sound of these harps, compared to the older Diana and Apollo models. The same changes to the soundbox have recently been made to the new Aurora and Daphne models. The best way to experience the change is to try these harps for yourself. During the two days that Salvi is at the Harp Friends Meeting there will be ample opportunity to try out harps and ask any questions you might have. One more reason not to miss the Harp Friends Meeting this year!


Like last year we, Anouk Platenkamp and Jeanette van Nieulande, organised another International Harp Friends Meeting (IHFM) in Leerdam with an interesting and varied program. We have made a few small changes to the program this year: most important of the changes is the fact that the meeting will now be two full days, instead of three. That doesn’t mean we have less workshops to offer! This year there will be workshops by Tristan le Govic, Fraya Thomsen & Gillian Fleetwood (together they for the harp duo The Duplets), Anouk Platenkamp and Marian Verdonk & Pieter van Heest. There will also be two concerts, among which a concert withInge Frimout-Hei, and of course the well-known sessions. New to this meeting is the open stage that will take place during lunch-time: feel free to participate and let is enjoy what you play! Everyone that plays a musical instrument is welcome to join. As of today the program can be found online here. You can register for the meeting using the registration form which can be found here.  


It has been a while since the last Harp Friends Meeting. We apologise for the delay in updating the website; we had a few technical difficulties, but here it is. First of all, and since so many of you asked for it, we are very happy to announce that Tristan le Govic will be a returning teacher for the Harp Friends Meeting of 2015. The rest of the program is as of yet unknown, but will follow as soon as possible. You can find a few updates on the website: - the history has been updated to include the last meeting - the photos of the last meeting can be found online. That only leaves us to say that if you would like to keep updated on our activities, feel free to send us a request via the contact form on this page. We will send you an email as soon as the program of the next meeting is online.


The program of the Harp Friends Meeting is now available online! As of today you can find all the information about the meeting in de program, which can be found here and downloaded here. Teachers for 2014 are: Rachel Hair, Elisabeth Pawelke, Constance Allanic, Václava van der Meijs and Anouk Platenkamp. Concerts will be given by: Constance Allanic (with dancer Krista de Jong), Rachel Hair (with Celtic harp duo Ísiltír as a warm-up act) and Elisabeth Pawelke. This last concert will also be the presentation of the course on medieval music that Elisabeth will be teaching. With this course you will immerse yourself in medieval music for three days and you will perform the result (as a group) during the Saturday afternoon concert. Next to all the great workshops and concerts the meeting is also a great opportunity to make new harp friends, or to try playing in a session. The registrationform can be downloaded here. We hope to see you in May!


The sessions during the Harp Friends Meeting were a big success. All the more reason for us to organise more of them! We already had another session in November of last year, after the concert that Mary Macmaster and Donald Hay gave at the Stadspodium. On March 14th and 56th 2013, Gáinne Hambly will be in Leerdam to teach workshops at de Zingende Snaar and give a concert. The ideal opportunity to organise a session! The concert will be on Friday March 14th at Stadspodium GO, starting at 19:30. After the concert we invite everyone who feels like it, to come and join (or listen to) the Harp Friends Session. Feel free to bring your friends along; this will be a nice evening out. If you have no idea what will be played during a session, you can find some tune suggestions on this website. Download the pdf-file here.  


Welcome to the website of the International Harp Friends Meeting. From now on we will keep you informed on the latest news concerning the meeting and the sessions that we organise. We are working on making a new HFM happening in May. To give you just a little bit of an idea about what we are working on: Rachel Hair will be coming to teach and play.